Welcome to The Climbing Garden!

We are Bangladesh’s FIRST CLIMBING GYM

    • An indoor climbing gym is a building constructed with many tall walls that have interesting angles.  People enjoy climbing these walls for exercise and fitness.  
    • Our gym has many bouldering walls and a modest top rope wall.  Our bouldering walls are about 14-ft high and you do not need a harness or rope to climb them.  The top rope wall is higher and requires a harness, rope and belay partner to climb.
    • When you climb, you wear shoes specially made for climbing.  To ascend, you use many different hand and foot holds on the walls.  These holds are also specially made for climbing and are constructed from high quality plastic in China and America.  
    • And don’t worry if you ever lose your balance climbing on our bouldering walls, because we have a specially designed foam and rubber mat over 12 inches thick to protect you if you fall.

Come CLIMB with us this SUMMER!


  • Indoor sport climbing offers a full body workout. No other sport brings the same mix of adrenaline, strength, stamina, agility, flexibility, coordination, finesse and mental alertness, altogether, alongside a group of friends climbing together on the same wall.
  • Rock climbing is also good for weight loss, because it is an intense full body workout that burns about 500-600 calories per hour, if the rest between the routes is short. Rock climbing can be high intensity and therefore useful to lose weight and build muscle at the same time.
  • Research identifies at least 22 distinct health benefits for people that learn sport climbing.  These benefits are diverse, impacting every aspect of a person’s life including physical, mental/emotional and social health.
  • Climbing walls are set with climbing holds to create routes of varying degrees of difficulty.  To complete or finish a route, a climber must use a combination of balance, strength, and coordination to unlock the “puzzle” of hand holds and foot holds.  As the climbing routes are conquered, soon they are changed and the excitement grows all over again.


  • Guest safety is our top priority. The Climbing Garden carries out daily checks prior to opening to the public.  Our climbing walls and crash pads are designed and built in compliance with international standards.  We have imported our top rope equipment from industry leading manufacturers such as Petzl and Black Diamond.
  • As at other types of gyms, participation in climbing activities are self-directed.  Oftentimes after customers are oriented, the risk of a certain climbing activity depends on the attitude and aggressiveness of the individual. Climbing, at its core, is about knowing and trusting yourself, while pushing your abilities. 
  • Research has shown that indoor rock climbing is a very safe activity, in part because a lot of attention is paid to safety to prevent injury and accidents.  Risks of injuries are higher for almost all other common sports.   Statistically fewer injuries occur in climbing gyms than in bowling alleys. A study was done in Germany over five years by Dr. Volker Schofflin in which he monitored 515,337 visits by men and women to a climbing gym in Germany. He reported 0.02 injuries per 1000 hours logged in the gym and concluded that indoor climbing is low-risk and safe if you follow safety practices. 

I’m trying out climbing for the FIRST TIME, what do I bring?

  • Typical indoor climbing gear includes comfortable but not loose fitting clothes, a pair of climbing shoes, a harness (for top rope climbing), and a chalk bag.  If you don’t have climbing equipment, don’t worry, you can rent it at our gym. 
  • For your first time with us, you should wear clothes that are athletic and comfortable. A good choice would be a pair of comfy pants that don’t restrict your movement.  
  • We use shoes specially made for climbing.  Climbing shoes are made with special rubber that helps you stand on even very small footholds. But don’t forget to bring a pair of socks, for good hygiene we require all customers to wear socks with our rental shoes.
  • If you’re going to boulder, you don’t strictly need any other gear. For top rope climbing, you will need a harness and belay device as well. 
  • Much like chalk for gymnasts, climbers often use chalk helps your hands grip holds you might otherwise slip off. 
  • On your first day climbing, your hands might become sore and even blistered, depending on the amount of time you spend climbing. This is common in many sports but if you stick with climbing for a couple of weeks, your skin will toughen up and you’ll build calluses. Also don’t forget to trim your fingernails! Long nails can get snagged or break as you’re climbing.

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